Can I rent a horse at LAEC?

The LAEC is currently working on offering trail rides departing from the LAEC ground. In the meantime, horse rentals by the hour are available nearby the Center from a choice of businesses. Rates and hours of operation are available by calling the businesses directly.

LA Horse Rentals
Ph. (818) 242-8443
1850 W. Riverside Dr.
Glendale, CA 91201

Griffith Park Horse Rentals
Ph (818) 840-8401
1820 Riverside Dr.
Glendale, CA 91201

Sunset Ranch Hollywood
Ph (323) 469-5450
3400 N. Beachwood Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Circle K Riding Stables Burbank
Ph. (818) 843-9890
910 S. Mariposa St.
Burbank, CA 91506

Also, you can contact Traditional Equitation School at (818) 569-3666, an independent business at the Center for lessons or summer camp.

Where do I ride the rental horse?

The City of Los Angeles maintains horse trails around the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and through Griffith Park. There are approximately 55 miles of trails.

What are the hours for the Los Angeles Equestrian Center?

5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for visitors. Only boarders or guests with business at the Center may enter outside these hours.

How much are the tickets to horse shows?

Many of the horse shows include no charge for parking and admission. Check out the calendar of events; it will list each event name, date, contact information, as well as identify the events which include a charge for parking and admission.

Can food and drink be brought to the LAEC?

No food and drink may be brought into the horse show grounds. The Rein Café is open and serving food and drink at all horse shows.

Are pets allowed at horse shows?

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center boards over 400 horses everyday. Occasionally horses and dogs (and other pets), especially ones unfamiliar with each other, may cause a problem for the horses and riders. Therefore, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center discourages everyone from bringing your pet.

Can I have a birthday party with horses?

Contact Traditional Equitation School (818) 569-3666. They cannot provide food or beverage but might be able to accommodate a portion of your party needs.

Is horseback riding experience required to rent a horse?

You’ll most likely increase your understanding of the relationship between the horse and rider with lessons and perhaps even make your riding experience more enjoyable. If you are interested in riding lessons, contact Traditional Equitation School (818) 569-3666 which is located at the Center. The Los Angeles Equestrian Center encourages you to learn more about riding before you begin your first ride, although it is not a requirement. Most horse rental businesses have horses available for the first time rider as well as a more experienced equestrian.